Age of Wushu’s Legends of Mount Hua expansion now available!

Isn’t it amazing how Snail Games has finally released a PvP focused MMO and then to top it all announcing a PvE expansion pack aswell! Everyone is covered in this regard because not only can youpay off NPCs to kidnap your arch nemesis, you can also add a 18man raid across multiple paths!

The first expansion of Age of Wushu was Legends of Mount Hua! It was released today and this release marks the MMO focus to PvE. This, however doesn’t mean the expansion pack is anything to write home about for PvPers. All it has is a new 80 player battleground. This has Mongolian Raiders and the Ming Dynasty having to battle it out to the death!

Gamers are also able to pick up some good skills such as Astonishing Goose Blade and Flowing Cloud Sword. The blade is probably made from a goose, not so astonishing!

There is also the new JiangHu faction reputation rewards. This is an apprentice program for the new gamers who want to learn quickly and want to collect new artifact items.

More information regarding the expansion including details about a brand new server can be found on Age of Wushu’s official site here.



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