DC Universe Online – Amazon Fury Part 2 DLC

Letter from the Creative Director: Amazon Fury Part II

DC Universe Online fanatics are you ready for you gaming to be stepped up to the next level? The upcoming year is going to be a massive one for DC Universe, the first DLC will soon be storming at you, for those that don’t know the DLC is named: Amazon Fury Part II.

DC Universe Online - Amazon Fury Part 2

How the story has progressed so far:
The story of the game so far has been pretty immense, so to speak. In part I of the trilogy you gamers experienced events surrounding the Amazon Civil War, this resulted in a full-scale invasion in and around the mortal world. Hippolyta launched her attack on Gotham City to retaliate to Brainiac’s intrusion and Wonder Women tries to intervene and stop her mother’s madness.

Fury chapter begins:
The new chapter, which will begin, as part of the new DLC will release a new story, one that is so severely tangled into the events of Battle for Earth and Origin Crisis. This is where we’ll realize there is a connection between the Greek Underworld and Olympus itself, there’s so much to lose. The new chapter will also offer new locations where players can venture into the unknown underworld, while passing through the gates of Tartarus.

After passing through the gates of Tartarus, you will arrive in the Labyrinth (The Underworld) and you’ll have to navigate the twisty turning magical portals until you reach the end, from there you will have to brave the dangerous traps and powerful shades.

Do you think the update was worth waiting all this time, if so why? I think so, but who knows the description is still vague but very intriguing.


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