Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2

For those who play Diablo 3, will by now know that the latest 2.1.2 patch has arrived online in order to update the games content, the patch came out swinging on 13/01/2015 (DD/MM/YY) and is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As of the 15th January 2015 the game’s patch went live in America therefore you may not be prompted to download the patch until it’s live in your country, if you’re from Europe you’re going to have to wait for the update to become available in Europe before you can install it while on the other hand anyone from America can download it whenever they wish.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3

The game has updated several different features such as displaying a message while in chat, the message will alert you that a Treasure Goblin has been killed or escaped, the healing stat of the player has now been replaced with ‘recovery’. Some of the game changes are pretty simple and straight forward although they will definitely play a key role while gaming your way through, some of these changes are:

1. Healing as been replaced by recovery.
2. Recovery is an estimate of how much toughness you expected to recover in.
3. Life per vitality has been increased; it’s now 70 instead of 67.
4. Pet and follower lives have also increased.
5. Total number of players is now displayed on the roster page.
6. The Clan Roster will display the member’s offline duration.
7. Abilities have been improved.

The 2.1.2 patch also contains ancient items, these items are a lot more powerful than the legendary items and have increased value ranges for certain affixes. Ancient mojos, orbs and shields roll with increased damage or shield block values, ancient items can also drop at torment l or higher.

Diablo3 Patch 2.1.2

Diablo3 Patch 2.1.2

These are seven of many different changes that the game has decided to change, it’s my thought that some of these are more helpful than bad but others may disagree. What are your thoughts?


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