Dragon Quest Heroes heads west

The developers who are known as Square Enix released information about what was happening in Europe this year; Dragon Quest Heroes launches in Europe later in 2015 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Square Enix is a Japanese video game developing publisher who’s also known for distribution for some of the best role-playing video game franchises, some of these games include titles such as Final Fantasy. Yasuhiro Fukushima founded the company on April 1, 2003. No joke (see what I did there?)


Dragon Quest Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes


Dragon Quest is estimated to launch on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan later this week, the Dragon Quest heroes is an action-focused sequel from the main Japanese role-playing game series developers. The game is developed by Dynasty Warriors maker Omega Force who is in collaboration with Dragon Quest creator (Yuji Horii) and it’s composer (Koichi Sugiyama).

Dragon Quest Heroes’ western release is significant because Square Enix hasn’t localized a Dragon Quest game since Dragon Quest 9. It also marks the first Dragon Quest game on a PlayStation since Dragon Quest 8, which launched on PS2 in 2006.

For those that are wondering there is extensive gameplay already, but I’m unsure whether the game is going to be available worldwide so as soon as we find out more based on the region, I’ll update you. I for sure wouldn’t mind having the game as part of my collection; it’s always nice to have the ability to play something a little different now and again, especially from some of the lead MMO developers from Japan.


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