E3: Snail Games Shows Related Product for Black Gold

Snail Games’ highly waited on steak punk MMORPG Black Gold is set to be showcased to the world at E3 on the 11th, 2013. Along with their game Black Gold, Snail Games are set to reveal Age of Wushu and two other new MMO’s.

With promises circulating that loads of information will be revealed at E3 regarding the anticipated game, Black Gold. There are also multiple speculations regarding the posibilites of a trial demo, CG poster and also a trailer. With all this information, is it possible that we’re being built up toward the next biggest MMO game in years of late and many to come.

I think that with all these speculations and news regarding Black Gold, it is promising to be an utterly outstanding game that will hopefully wipe the floor with any other game within the MMO category. I’m not sure why but I just feel like this game has something that could possibly give it the edge over any other game, they will just need to make sure that every falls into place perfectly and runs like a good old fashioned MMO should!



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