Firefall’s Final Public Beta Weekend Test Begins Friday

Red 5 Studios today announced that Firefall’s final public beta testing will begin on June 7th and will carry on until the end of the weekend. This will be companies last event until July 9th when it will be their Open Beta. This beta weekend features three days of free access to the game, a special content for high-end gaming gear and a unique community unlock – the Infiltrator Goggles. This new beta launch will also mark the end of Firefall’s Founder Pack sales, which will leave the fans just over a month to get exclusive rewards before they’re retired on July 8.

The point of this public beta weekend is so that Red 5 can gain some user feedback on their latest added features and also the contents they have added into the game. There will also be testers chosen who will test certain aspects of the exciting new locations and dynamic missions, revamped progression and crafting systems. With Firefall’s final closed beta milestone hitting in July, this will be the last real chance to influence any change toward the games upcoming Open Beta Launch.

As an additional bonus for helping test the game, Red 5 will be running a new trailer contest. It has partnered with Razer and AMD to offer two epic prize packages that include a Razer™ BlackWidow Tournament Edition keyboard, AMD Radeon HD 7970 (HIS IceQ X² Edition), Commander-level Founder’s Pack and a limited edition Firefall Brontodon plushie.

This is amazing news, truly is. They have turned something good, into something outstanding. With the ability to influence the way the game is made, that’s an amazing thing that not too many companies do nowadays. Plus, with the chance of these awesome prizes for helping test features in the game, that’s an awesome way to test that every little feature within the game works a treat. I’ll be seeing all of you at this live beta event.



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