League of Legends Patch 3.10 Remakes Master Yi

In League of Legends, you’ll find a wuju swordsman that goes by the name of “Master Yi”, or if you’re more familiar with the street name of Master Yi you would call him the “right-click warrior”, funny right? This is because he doesn’t have a very specific skillset, and when people use his character they’ll just pummel (or at least try to) their enemies with his standard, right click attack option. Riot also are set to change with this newest patch, which is meant to be a complete makeover for the champion. Also, tweaks will be visible for Elise, Ryze and Twisted Fate.

What’s the biggest change in Master Yi, you might ask? That would be his Alpha Strike. And the change made to this damaging blow would be that you must encounter a cooldown REDUCTION time everytime Yi lands his common standard attack. Also, if you’re familiar with Highlander, it’s also been tweaked. Now, rather than resetting all of your cooldowns if you rack up a kill while it’s up, it now PASSIVELY reduces the cooldown of all your abilities if you score a kill or an assist, even if it isn’t active. That’s a good thing, right? All of these changes being made to Master Yi should make him a more engaged champion.

As for the second tweaked champion on the patch roster, Elise is getting some major nerfs brought to her because of her high activity within the competitive aspect of League of Legends. Her spiderlings are now less “tank-y” all around, and Rappel is being altered so you cannot “cheese” tower hits, or go past outside of it’s range. This isn’t very good news for those of you who use Elise, a nerf is never good to see, besides for those on the other side of the characters weapons, that is.

For Ryze, we’ll be saying goodbye to his long spell range, as it’s going to be decreased, but it’s bittersweet to know that because of this nerf, Desperate Power, is being given a speed boost. As for Twisted Fate, the Loaded Dice passive no longer gives you global gold, but instead gives said champion 1-6 gold per kill.

In this patch, quite a few changes are being made to the characters, but what about items? There has to be an item change, and there is. Say hello to “Specter’s Cowl”. The Cowl holds 200 Health, 45 Magic Resist, and has a nice passive effect that gives +15 Health Regeneration per 5 seconds for up to 10 seconds AFTER taking damage from an enemy. It builds into none other than the Spirit Visage and Banshee’s Veil. Specter’s Cowl is intended to make magic resistance a more, personal player option, instead of having to rely on support to pick up a Runic Bulwark, which has been completely removed from League of Legends.

Thank you to the developers for adding in this very detailed patch, and 3.10 is now live on all servers within League of Legends.



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