Marvel Heroes Launches As Free-to-play Action-MMORPG

Ever wanted to be the man in charge? The one man with the power to yell “Avengers, Assemble!” Well, luck has fallen into your hands! You can now play are your favorite characters such as Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America in the latest MMORPG entitled Marvel Hereos. The new free-to-play MMORPG from Gazillion Entertainment will feature, well, every hero from the Marvel universe.

Gazillion announced back in March that Marvel Heroes would be ready for primetime sometime in June. True to its word, the developer has wrapped up all beta testing and has today unleashed its super-powered MMO upon the masses.

Marvel Heroes was designed by David Brevik, who fans of the genre will recognize as the mind behind both Diablo and Diablo II. That being the case, you can probably make an educated guess at what Marvel Heroes has to offer. In other words, loads of hectic action from a 2.5 perspective, lots of loot and lots of leveling systems to mess with. The game’s story was written by Marvel’s own Brian Michael Bendis.

“For over three years we’ve been building Marvel Heroes to be an exciting, free-to-play massively multiplayer action game, and we are ecstatic to finally put that in the hands of Marvel fans and gamers alike,” said Gazillion President and CEO, David Brevik. “The creation of Marvel Heroes has been a labor of love. As a die-hard Marvel fan, it’s an honor to give players the chance to take on the roles of their favorite Marvel super heroes in an epic adventure.”

A total of 21 super heroes will be available from launch, as well as costumes “from over 70 years of Marvel history.” You’ll be able to swap between heroes on the fly, meaning you can play the game however you see fit. There’s also a crafting system to experiment with, player-versus-player combat, end game content and more characters/stories planned as DLC.

So, what do you think about this? As a life long Marvel fan, I am truly happy with this awesome announcement! They have mixed two of the best things, Marvel and MMORPG! This game is promising to be a block buster hit, there is no doubt about that! Only time will tell though about how popular the game shall become, who else agree’s that the game could grow to be immensly popular!



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