Marvel Heroes Update 1.11 – What is it?

Patch 1.11 for the MMORPG has come to surface for all of us to enjoy! As promised, Human Torch is now a playable character, including 25 abilities and several build options to choose from. Most of the heroes have been balanced with either a nerf or a boost OR had new build options added as well. Out of all of these heroes, Wolverine is affected the most when it comes to character changes.

A whole entire new client is also here besides the new updates to Marvel Heroes, so I’d advise you to download and install it if you haven’t already!

Along with all of these changes, comes some new items that have been added to the store, including:

– Holographic Crafter: Use this item to summon a Holographic Crafter, which will survive for a total of 15 minutes. The summon itself is permanent, but has a one-hour cooldown time after use.

– Matrix of Unbinding: Use this with an item to unbind an artifact, weapon, or piece of armor that is bound to your hero.

– Ultron Silver: Avengers assemble in ‘awe’ of this new pet.

If you are playing this after the update, you may also notice some performance improvements as well as tweaks in this latest client.

Also, if you haven’t taken a look, check out the Human Torch client prior to the patch/update:



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