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Minecraft, an independent “sandbox” video game that was initially released on May 17th of 2009, has become a huge success for its Swedish creator Markus Persson with now having a total number of sales surpassing 27 million copies.  With over 3 million daily players across 10+ platforms, Minecraft, in all of its simplicity and lower quality graphics, has made its mark as one of the most successful & influential releases the industry has seen yet.  On average, a copy/download of Minecraft is purchased every 5 seconds on one of the many platforms it’s available on, here are some impressive stats on the size of its player base on various platforms:

– 12 Million Players on PCs
– 9 Million Players on Xbox
– 6 Million Players on iPad, iPod & Android

With over 20,000 daily purchases of Minecraft, it’s not surprising that that Microsoft is willing to pay $2.5 Billion dollars to take over ownership.  Aside from being successful, profitable and addicting, Minecraft has been provided recognition with winning the 2011 VGX Award for Best Independent Game and the 2012 BAFTA Games Special Rewards, two awards that any game developer would dream of acquiring.  While the game itself lacks the quality in graphic capabilities that a majority of gamers have come to expect, Minecraft has proven that player ability and gameplay environment are really the most two important aspects of a game to attain a loyal player base.

With all the hype about Minecraft, why not get in to the game play yourself and build a world of your own?  With a free demo offered at, you’re only minutes away from venturing in to an entirely new world.  If you can think it, you can build it, if you can imagine it, then there’s nothing stopping you, the Minecraft realm is your world to let your creativity free!


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