New upcoming fantasy MMORPG – Crowfall

Crowfall is a fantasy MMORPG game that’s in development by ArtCraft. The information we have on the game at the moment insists that the game will be resolved around political alliances and feudal conquests. The previous developed games made by ArtCraft involve a variety of skill sets such as risk taking, player skill and competition therefore it’s expected that Crowfall players will need to compete with one another, in order to take the throne that’s available to offer.





The game has to offer:

  • Playing to win – Crowfall is set to emphasize politics, alliances, and player competition with ways to win.


  • A multiverse of unique worlds – Dozens of different worlds with unique maps that characters can move between and fight for.


  • Wide array of character archetypes – Points-based character creation system with “Advantages” and “Disadvantages”.


  • Strategic world conquest – Using a hierarchical fealty system, and territory ownership by players, dominance will be determined by the community.


  • Play driven economy





What are we to expect?

ArtCraft have introduced players to the next character class known as the Stoneborn Forgemaster, high in strength but low in intellect although forgemasters are melee specialists. ArtCraft have also shown off the way that worlds will be adapted to their own rulesets, not only that but allowing players to travel between the worlds in order to take part in any activity they wish.


We are to expect:

  • More action-oriented combat
  • No tab-targeting
  • Collision with other players/environment
  • Elements of the Trinity
  • Territory conquests over PvE instanced raids




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