Special World of Warcraft gift for 10-year subscribers

We all know that World of Warcraft has been around for a very long time, giving us all good and bad memories. If you’re one of many lucky subscribers who have been with the game from launch, then seriously you need to get a life. Well, do something else, something more productive? No but seriously… you are in for a treat, there is a one off special gift in order for you directly from Blizzard.

The award was announced on, Thyvene has a sticky thread named “Anniversary Gift”, the content of the thread goes “We’ve been secretly working on creating a one-time gift to celebrate the WoW Anniversary, and it’s now on its way to players that have been with us since the beginning.”

It seems as if the shipments have already started because further down the thread he says: “Emails have been sent to North America and Oceanic players to their registered address, which will include shipment tracking info. Players in Europe will receive a similar email, and their shipments are expected to begin in the next few weeks.”

The 10 year subscription isn’t just enough for the gift you need to reach a certain criteria that consists of:
• You would have needed to play WoW within 60 days of region launch
• Continuous subscription for the past 10 years (launch to anniversary)

Thinking back to it, is all the money you put into the game worth it or not? Well, not your money but YOUR VALUABLE time.

What do you think of this gift and why?

World of Warcraft Special Gift

World of Warcraft Special Gift


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