Trion Worlds Opens Western Beta Registrations for Open-World MMO ArcheAge

So, after being available in Korea for nearly two whole years, it seem’s that Trion Worlds has finally announced that they shall be opening beta signups for their Western release of open-world MMO ‘ArchAge’.

Having been in-development for more than six years, and with the brains of Lineage creator Jake Song behind the wheel, ArcheAge offers an expansive fantasy open-world sandbox game filled with a fair few interesting concepts. Hang-gliders, navy fleet combat, housing, steampunk tractors, farming and even jail are what is on offer in ArcheAge.

‘Explore the world of ArcheAge, a vast MMORPG adventure free from predefined paths and progression. Build unique and elaborate homes, farms that drive the world economy, and massive castles to lay claim to rich and vibrant realms. Band together and fight for glory and fortune in huge PvP battles and epic naval combat – or go beyond two factions and live the life of an outlaw. In this world, the choices are yours to make!’

Currently no date has been set yet for when ArcheAge will be available to the Western markets, but currently the game is available only in Korea as a free-to-play option. With a large laundry list of features on offer, it is probably better to check out the official website for an overview of what ArcheAge has to offer including some short videos of gameplay action.

So, what do you guys think about this awesome but slightly shocking news? It’s been available for Korea for 2 years and is finally being put into Beta for the rest of us? In my opinion that is absolutely shocking, why should there be such a huge gap between them and us? We’re all here to play the game, so why should we be treated differently with this game? Simply, we shouldn’t. We’re not the after thought of the MMO world, so why would we want to be delayed and I believe the reason we’re getting it now is because of a profit drop in Korea which is wrong.



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