Upcoming MMO: Crowfall announced KickStarter campaign

Some like to think Crowfall as the next Game of Thrones that meets Eve Online, for those who have fantasized over having the possibility of more Game of Thrones in your MMO then you could be up for having your longtime wishes answered, it may also be the case of them coming true.


Crowfall MMO

Crowfall MMO

Crowfall is everything you and other have imagined, it aims to take objects/elements from previous titles in the same genre and combine them into the life of Crowfall, but while doing so offering a large-scale strategic gameplay, this then offers others to battle for all kinds of things such as territory, resources and political power in both PvE and PvP encounters. The game itself is split into different series, these series offer different kind of world sizes although they all circle around a center area that will be known as “The Hunger”, The Hunger is where a frightening undead legion resides.

While the game likes to keep it interesting but rather simplistic, they done the obvious and made something a little more creative out of a little situation. The closer the world is to the legion, the more dangerous it is. Common sense, eh? Well not realistically, but it’s a nice little touch. Would you not agree?

Crowfall as a massive aim to bring a lot of interesting and unique mechanics to the MMO space, some of which we have already seen previously.

They reached their goal of 800k$ in under four Days. That is Awesome. So the Developer decided to anounce some extra goals. If they get more then $1 Million Dollar the will hire an dedicated FX Artist to make spell efects look better.

At $1.3 Million Dollar the will add mounts directly to the core, so this mounts can expand you inventory. If you’re interested in helping make this game more awesome, check out the Crowfall KickStarter page.

KickStarter Page:


Crowfall MMO

Crowfall MMO


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