What’s in store for Everquest?

Sony Online Entertainment has just recently announced that while we wait patiently for Everquest Next, we will be getting a few new content packs for BOTH the current Everquest titles! Yes, both of them! This is pretty big seeing as SOE has a lot on their plate in terms of Everquest however I am certainly happy to see some new updates being brought to the table, for both Everquest, Everquest 2, and Everquest Come-Out-Now-Please (Next).


The original Everquest is introduced with it’s 20th expansion pack (that’s quite a big number, 20), which is titled Call of the Forsaken. Cataclysmic events are partaking within Norrath, causing you, the player, to scrounge around new areas within Norrath to find ancient and powerful artifacts to keep some dragon-like female from completely destroying everything. On a more safer note, two new shared bank slots are added into the game, as well as a new system of adventuring, along with melting hot lava. Oh, also this cool honeycomb-like world below!

As for Everquest 2, however, the 10th expansion pack (not bad) has been added. This expansion bundle is called Tears of Veeshan. A big part of Tears of Veeshan involves dragons, which must mean some pretty badass things are coming your way. NINE new dungeons, the “Channeler” class makes its debut, and a great amount of new quests for you to take part in.

Nobody knows how much these expansions will cost… Hopefully not too much. Not much is known about the specific details in regards to these new updates, besides what has already been given above, so keep an eye out!



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