World of WarPlanes Open Beta Approaches

Wargaming has recently shared a post on the World of WarPlanes site that lays down some groundwork for the forthcoming open beta. However, the date for this event is yet to be confirmed, but Wargaming has revealed there will be a “hard server” wipe that is set to reset everything in the game game prior to the start of this open beta evennt.

The developers shared this on their site;

“Open Beta: Stage One
The first stage of Open Beta will see the implementation of this Token system. The only exception will be Premium account status; that will be given automatically to all players.

Open Beta: Stage Two
The second stage of the Open Beta test will will have another wipe of the remaining Premium accounts and Tokens. At this point, all existing Tokens will be converted into Credits. From this point on, all Tokens earned are redemable for Premium account time.”

Hmm, a flying based MMO? How exciting and different. It’s always been a huge part of an aspiring young childs dreams to be a pilot, and to then combine it with a much loved genre. Well the only way I can describe this is… a win-win situation. This is really an exciting thing and I cannot wait until this is released for the public to enjoy, hopefully despite it’s beta stage it will still be a great amount of fun!



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