Would you be into a Bioshock MMO?

BioShock 2 has digitally disappeared and possibly returning as an MMO.

“BioShock 2 has been temporarily removed from the Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network marketplaces and will return to these digital stores soon,” The publisher made a statement to say those that already have the game will be receiving no error’s in terms of single-player or multiplayer experience, it’s just that you can’t purchase it from any of the mentioned stores.


Bioshock MMO

Bioshock MMO


As of 10/02/2015 there was an update that was confirming some rumors that BioShock would be returning to the marketplaces soon, publisher 2k confirmed.

So you now you know that 2K have taken down BioShock from any digital store but there’s also been speculation that 2K are working on a BioShock MMO and if you didn’t know, you might have responded with something along the lines of ‘WTF’. And by ‘might have’, we probably mean ‘definitely’.

While some players like to say that they feel as if BioShock already has a set up for an MMO structure, even if it is a FPS/RPG type of game from the start. With different levels of authority and degradation, plasmid enhancement and specialization you’ve got ‘class’ system. You have everything you could possibly need for jobs, shops, crafting and all that other kind of jazzy stuff that MMO games like to feature.


Bioshock MMO

Bioshock MMO


So really, who knows what 2k are up to? Will they turn BioShock into an MMO or is this being blown out of proportion? Do you think they will, if so what makes you think so?

On the other hand, I don’t know what to think, I think it would be a good change but it’s not always beneficial for all PC gamers as not everyone is a big fan of MMO’s.


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